Thursday 8 December 2022
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In Light of His Birthday, Here Are Some of Obama’s Crowning Achievements in Office

800px-Obama_salutesIt is no secret that this presidential campaign has been — in a word — unique. So with President Obama only having a few months left in office, it’s time that we come together as a nation to recognize some of his crowning achievements.

In his last Fiscal Year 2016 request, President Obama asked for a 6.8% increase above the 2015 level for base budget Pentagon spending. His requests caused some uproar, but Obama claimed the previous budget caps put in place by the 2011 Budget Control Act are not sustainable for defense or non-defense spending as a nation.

And, from looking at what he has accomplished in the past eight years, he knows what he’s talking about.

First and foremost, he ordered the capture and killing of global terrorist Osama Bin Laden in 2011. Even though that night’s been documented with the film “Zero Dark Thirty,” it’s important to understand that in capturing Bin Laden, Obama saved the lives of thousands while protecting the globe.

He also worked with Iran, a country rapidly developing nuclear weapons, on forming a more peaceful alliance  in 2015. In the Iran Nuclear Deal, Obama and Iranian president Hassan Rouhani agreed to decrease Iran’s nuclear development programs in exchange for easing economic sanctions.

Back stateside, Obama signed the widely unknown Claims Resolution Act, which provides Native American and black farmers $4.6 billion dollars in government funding. Signing this gave minorities the financial help needed to tend to their farms after they’d been denied loans for years.

The effects of this act can be seen even closer to home, considering central New York is chocked full of farms and agricultural centers.

Even though he didn’t reach his goal of completely eradicating veteran homelessness by the end of his presidency, he managed to decrease the veteran homeless rate by 36% through government subsidies.
The numbers are outstanding. According to The Washington Times, more than 25,000 veterans have left the streets since 2010; there are about 14,000 fewer veterans in unsheltered locations; and the number of veterans in transitional housing has decreased by 12,000.

It looks like Obama is deserving of a thank you.

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