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Insurance Service Organization Issues Syracuse Fire Department Highest Score in Department History

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sfdMayor Stephanie Miner announced the Insurance Service Organization (ISO) has recently issued the Syracuse Fire Department (SFD) a score of 95.64, the highest score in the department’s history, and one of the highest scores in New York state.

SFD has continued to maintain its ISO Class-1 rating, which is the highest rating possible, Mayor Miner said.

“The city of Syracuse has superior fire protection, and one of the best trained, best equipped departments in the nation,” Miner stated. “I am proud of the high-quality fire service we are able to bring the people of Syracuse. The story of our Fire Department is one of good leaders making hard choices in difficult situations. Through the determination and dedication of the men and women of this department, we see sustained progress. I commend them for their excellent work, and continued success.”

ISO rates fire departments once every five years, and, in 2012, the SFD’s score was 93.84.

The ISO score is based on four categories, including the fire department, the water distribution system, the receipt and transmission of fire alarms (using the Onondaga County 911 Center), and community risk reduction.

Part of the organization’s analysis also includes an analysis of deployment statistics, which includes the percentage of the community within 1.5 miles of fire stations housing engines. The measurement has led to a nationally recognized standard response time requirement of less than four minutes.

SFD’s average response time has been 2 minutes, 20 seconds for structure fires in 2017, according to IOS.

“ISO commends the leadership of the Syracuse Fire Department for being able to improve the fire protection services provided to city residents and businesses,” the organization said in a statement. “Considering some of the pressures they needed to manage, it is an impressive accomplishment, and we congratulate them.”

SFD currently has more than 350 firefighters and 10 fire stations which serve the city’s 144,000 residents.

Visit http://bit.ly/2tps8UC to view a current map of the city’s fire stations.

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