Saturday 26 November 2022
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Is It Getting More Expensive to Get Married in New York?

If you know anything about New York, it’s an expensive state (and city). For example, the latest information on wedding costs shows that prices just keep going up. Why is this the case? And is there anything you can do about it? Let’s take a deep dive into this subject to learn more.

New York is One of the Three Most Expensive Marriage States

Surprisingly, New York is not the most expensive state for marriages. New Jersey tops the list with an average cost of $53,400 (including $46,100 ceremony and reception costs). Rhode Island comes next, with an average price of $49,800 (with a ceremony and reception cost of $43,000).

New York comes in third, with an average wedding cost of $48,600 (with a ceremony and reception cost of around $41,780). These rates are far above the $34,000 national average. Note: these averages aren’t the high-end of these states, either, as New York has one destination more than double this average. See if you can guess it.

Why Is This the Case?

New York is a fairly beautiful state with many destination wedding options that make it a popular choice for many people. However, marriage licenses typically cost just $40 throughout the state, except in one area: New York City. This city alone explains the high wedding cost average.

That’s because the average cost (and this is just the average) of getting married in NYC is $78,600. That’s over $40K higher than the national average and $30K higher than the state average. Venues alone can cost between $10-60K, with catering costing up to $25K in some weddings.

Why is NYC so expensive for weddings? Partially, that’s due to the city’s high cost of living. Everything just costs more in the Big Apple. High demand and low supply (i.e., many people want to use a limited number of facilities) also drive prices to ludicrous levels).

This cost goes higher if you use a wedding planner. And most weddings do, as 50% of all women planning a wedding spend 11 hours weekly planning and find it incredibly stressful. Is there any way to fight against these unexpected costs and have a great wedding experience in New York? The following information might help.

Can Costs Be Minimized?

You can take many steps to cut back on your New York wedding costs and save yourself good money. The following information will provide ways to cut off much of your overall spending and make your wedding more budget-friendly. They include how you can:

  • Share Expenses – Shockingly, almost 7.2 million Americans (with 4.4 million men and 2.8 million women) have a hidden bank or credit account they don’t share with their partner. Tap into this secret account and share your expenses to minimize how much you or your partner share.
  • Limit Transportation – Did you know that wedding companies often charge you for the fuel they use for transportation? And with staggeringly high gas costs in NYC and the rest of the state, you can’t afford that kind of cost. Transport things yourself, whenever possible, to minimize these costs.
  • Minimize Weird Extra Costs – Wedding planners may charge as much as $5 per guest to cut your wedding cake. This ridiculous expense (including things like hidden taxes and fees) drives up costs in New York. Handle many of these steps yourself to minimize these ridiculous costs.
  • Go Digital Whenever Possible – You might spend over $1,000 on wedding invitations that many people are likely to laugh at once and then toss forever. Cut out this cost by going digital and emailing invitations directly to your guests. Your bank account will thank you for taking this intelligent step.

If you’re intelligent about how you save money, you could use it to improve your post-ceremony life. For example, if you saved over $11,700 on your wedding, you could pay for a master bathroom remodel for your new home together. Or you could have a better honeymoon together.