Wednesday 28 September 2022
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Is the Cuomo Family Legacy Ruined Forever?


You would almost have had to be buried under a rock somewhere to not have heard the news out of New York this past week. Governor Andrew Cuomo will be resigning his post as Governor following a report that detailed alleged sexual harassment committed by the Governor against various members of his staff and others in his orbit. The Governor has denied doing anything wrong, but the report was damning enough that he saw fit to take the time to resign and hand over the reins to the second in command. His resignation will be effective in two weeks.

One interesting note about this case is that, unlike sexual assault and rape, sexual harassment is not considered a criminal offense in the state of Pennsylvania. Rather, victims of sexual harassment can file a civil claim or lawsuit against the person who made sexual advances in the workplace. This means that had Cuomo been Governor in Pennsylvania rather than New York, he might not be under the direct legal pressure that he is right now. Granted, he might have still faced pressure to resign, but the absolute threat of a criminal penalty would not necessarily be looming over his head as it is right now.

Something else that is no doubt hanging over his head is his family. Cuomo has always branded himself as a family man and has children and a wife. How are they dealing with the aftermath of these revelations?

The Arguing And Finger Pointing

There is little doubt that Cuomo and his wife must be arguing and fighting quite a bit right now following the revelation of all of these accusations of misconduct. It seems like Cuomo believed that he was above the law and that nothing bad could ever happen to him or his career. Of course, we know that is not true, and the Governor is now facing the consequences. It turns out that Americans, on average, argue 19 times per month. It is very likely that Cuomo and his wife are going to have a lot more arguments than that in the coming days as they try to sort out their marriage and their careers on top of everything else. It is hard to see how they are not going to be in a place where there is a lot of hurt and sorrow for the actions taken by the Governor.

Will They Be Moving?

Another fact that you might not know is that American homeowners move every five to seven years on average. Americans are a pretty mobile people, and Cuomo is surely about to join those ranks as he hands over the office of Governor to the next person. It has already been reported that Cuomo does not have a home in New York outside the Governor’s mansion provided to him by the taxpayer. This means he will soon have to vacate that home and start to look for somewhere to move into. Granted, Cuomo has plenty of money and political friends still and will have no problem finding a place to live. The question is if he will remain in the Empire State or look to move somewhere else. There has been speculation both ways. Many believe that it is possible that he will take some time to work on rebuilding his image before he once again runs for Governor or perhaps some other office in the state.

Leaving Behind A Legacy Of Questions

Everyone will have a lot of questions about Cuomo and how he handled both this scandal and some others that dogged his Governorship even before this one busted wide open. He was in hot water for having moved many elderly patients into nursing homes early on in the COVID-19 pandemic. This potentially increased the number of deaths that the state saw among its elderly in the early days of the pandemic. There are a lot of people who have not forgiven him for that one either. This means that Cuomo is definitely the kind of person that leaves a lot of people with a particularly bad taste in their mouths. Some people still love him, but many others question why he was ever Governor in the first place.