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Jim Boeheim and SU Settle 2011 Defamation Lawsuit

By Staff



SU Men’s Basketball Coach Jim Boeheim

The defamation lawsuit filed by Michael Lang and Bobby Davis against Syracuse University and men’s basketball coach Jim Boeheim in 2011 has been settled, officials from the school stated.

According to SU, the terms of the agreement will not be released.

Lang and Davis filed the lawsuit after accusing former men’s basketball assistant Bernie Fine of sexually molesting them when the two were ballboys for the university. At the time, Boeheim had reportedly called them liars, and said they were only out to get money from making the accusations.

“So, we are supposed to what? Stop the presses 26 years later? For a false allegation?” Boeheim reportedly stated.

However, Thursday, Aug. 6, Boeheim and SU released the following statement, apologizing for his remarks:

“Coach Boeheim regrets that he made those statements, and that he questioned the integrity of Bobby Davis and Michael Lang. Since then, he has publicly committed to focus his charitable efforts on providing assistance to victims of sexual abuse, which he continues to do.”

Lang and Davis also released the following statement regarding the matter:

“We have always sought, above all, to ensure that those who suffer the kind of childhood sexual abuse that we did, feel unafraid to report it and to speak about it.”

Following the allegations, Fine was eventually fired.