Wednesday 30 November 2022
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Juanita Perez Williams Gives $30,000 of Her Personal Money to Her Own Campaign for Congress

perez williams syracuse mayorJust before the June 26 primary election, Democrat Juanita Perez Williams loans $30,000 of her own money to her campaign for Congress. This money loaned last week will help pay for certain expenses, including an advertising blitz.

According to a recent survey, more than 90% of millennials think that direct mail advertising is reliable, so hopefully Perez William’s funds and advertising efforts will work out in her favor.

Overall, the candidate has raised $106,881 between the time her campaign started in early April and June 6. This is according to the report her campaign planned to file last night with the Federal Election Commision. More than half of that total came from her $30,000 loan to her campaign and $33,000 came from political action committees (PACs).

After expenses spent on advertising and the like, Perez Williams had $56,379 in cash on hand for the final 20 days before the primary campaign she’s running against Dana Balter in the 24th Congressional District. Perez Williams said that Balter’s weak fundraising and failure to bring national attention to the race were the major motivating factors for her loan to her own campaign to represent Democrats in the November election against Rep. John Katko.

Balter had not filed her latest financial disclosure report that was due at midnight on Thursday, but as of March 31, she carries a deep financial deficit compared to Kakto. Bater had about $75,000 in her campaign bank account in March, while Kakto has $1.25 million in cash on hand.

Reports show that many grassroots Democratic donors may be waiting on the sidelines until the primaries come to a close to decide how they want to spend their money. It is clear, though, that Katko will receive a large financial boost from VP Mike Pence as he holds a $1,000-per-plate luncheon for the congressman. Tickets for the event are selling at $5,000 for a VIP couples experience.

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