Wednesday 30 November 2022
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Justice Department’s Assault on Affirmative Action Signals Aggressive Roll Back on Civil Rights

News Analysis By Brenda Shum –


PHOTO: Reuters

UCLA campus, Photo: Reuters

( – The Justice Department’s recent decision to assemble a team of attorneys to investigate and challenge race-based admissions signals another step forward in this Administration’s aggressive campaign to roll back civil rights protections for some of our most historically disadvantaged students, including transgender youth, women and girls, and students of color.

This move must be viewed in the context other evidence that this Justice Department is departing from its core mission of protecting the rights of all citizens including those related to voting, employment, and policing.  This newest assault on affirmative action in higher education ignores the law, a growing body of social science research on the educational benefits of integrated learning environments, and our entrenched history of segregated education.

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