Wednesday 7 December 2022
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Labor Union Calls on Miner to Publicly Respond to Minimum Wage Opponents

By Staff


Mayor Stephanie Miner

Mayor Stephanie Miner

Ann Marie Taliercio, president of the Central New York Area Labor Federation AFL-CIO, has called on Democratic Mayor Stephanie Miner to publicly respond to Republican Sen. John DeFrancisco’s recent opposition to the state’s proposed $15 minimum wage.

“We need the moral authority, and bully pulpit of the mayor’s office, to weigh in here, and make clear to Senator DeFrancisco, and any other local elected official opposed to this raise, that their opposition will not go unanswered,” Taliercio said in a letter to Mayor Miner March 14.

Taliercio cited a recent article in the New York Daily News, which quoted Miner as saying she saw no benefit in “publicly attacking DeFrancisco on the issue.”

“I’m not going to engage in personal attacks because other people want me to do that,” the mayor reportedly stated.

However, according to Taliercio, it’s important for the mayor to “respectfully disagree” with DeFrancisco.

“Mayor Miner, a politician as skilled and experienced as you, surely you must know that there are many ways to respectfully disagree with colleagues and friends without resorting to personal attacks,” Taliercio stated.

This is not the first time the mayor has come under fire recently. She’s also been criticized for accepting an invitation to be the featured speaker at an upcoming GOP event, and for initiating a legal battle between the city, and inner harbor developer COR Development Co., following a tax deal the company received from the Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency.

As a result, Miner has recently hired a political consultant, in order to reinvigorate her public relations team, according to an article in the Syracuse Post Standard.

“I respectfully ask you to raise your clear, and strong voice, and fight for the workers who need you now more than ever,” Taliercio stated.

Taliercio is also president of UniteHere Local 150, a group that has previously supported both Miner and DeFransisco during their election campaigns.

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