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Local Wholesale HVAC Distributor a True Family Business


Air conditioner units with sun and blue skyLike many children, Jody McGarry grew up in the family business. Her father, Jim Monaco Sr., started ABR Wholesalers in 1966, so she was around it since the time she was born. At the age of 19 she got a job full-time in the company, and today she’s the CEO of the wholesale distributor of heating, air conditioning, and hydronics products.

The father-daughter connection isn’t where the familiar ties end, either. Jody’s brother Jim Monaco Jr., her son Tom McGarry, her husband Matthew McGarry (whom she met 30 years ago while working at ABR), and even 89-year-old mother Ruth Monaco all work at the company in various capacities, according to the Democrat and Chronicle.

“I really love it! Our employees are like family too,” Jody McGarry said. “Some of our employees have been with us 20 and 30 years. We’ve seen their children born, and we’ve seen their grandchildren born.”

ABR is short for Albany, Buffalo, and Rochester, which is where Jim Sr. originally established the company’s operations. ABR sells products to contractors, who sell them directly to consumers.

It’s a lucrative HVAC business at a time when two-thirds of all U.S. homes have an air conditioner. In addition to selling buy soma with no prescription products, ABR also works closely with their contractors, even helping them with advertising and marketing in some cases.

“We’ve helped guys start their own businesses — maybe a mechanic who wants to go out on their own,” McGarry said. “We’ve taken chances if they make a commitment, have insurance, and understand it’s their full-time responsibility to cater to the consumer on a 24-hour basis. We’ve opened lines of credit where people really never had credit before.”

Today, ABR Wholesalers is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise, according to their website abrwholesalers.com.

One of McGarry’s goals for the company is to reestablish a permanent base of operations in Albany. They currently are based out of Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse, shipping deliveries to Albany five times a week.

Although Albany was one of the original ABR locations, they haven’t had an actual store there in years due to lack of volume. But recent sales have Jody believing they will be back out there full-time with the next year or two.

“Even if it’s a pick-up, just so we have parts for our customers in case they have failures,” Jody said. “We’re putting the ‘A’ back in ABR!”