Wednesday 30 November 2022
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Letter to the Editor: What Mayor Miner Says, and Does, Are Two Very Different Things

To the editor:


Mayor Miner’s new $175  per hour PR consultant has his work cut out for him, on many fronts, and none ?more so than dealing with the mayor’s hypocritical messages about economic development.

When things don’t go her way, we hear things about her “profound disappointment in a failed ?economic strategy that enriches developers and leaves the rest of our community behind.”

However, when it’s the mayor who’s doling out the rich benefits, then she can be the most generous ?politician in town.

This includes her recent hire of a political consultant from Albany to the tune of $175 per hour.

The monies to pay this consultant have been drawn from the Syracuse Urban Renewal Agency (SURA).

SURA’s stated mission is to “acquire and dispose of properties in a fashion that is consistent with the identified need of neighborhood residents for better housing.”

How does such a clandestine hire serve that purpose?

The developer of the new Marriott Hotel in Armory Square previously asked the Syracuse Industrial ?Development Agency for support for its $27 million project – and support from the city it received. In 2012, ?Mayor Miner signed an EIGHTEEN-YEAR PILOT agreement with the developer, and, to sweeten the deal, she chipped ?in an extra $500,000 cash.

Fast forward to 2015. The developer completed the project, buy cialis no prescription opened the hotel, and very quickly ?sold it for $42 million dollars to an out-of-town owner. The new owner pocketed the tax breaks, ?the developer pocketed the multi-million dollar profit, and we were left with one question: what ?happened to the $500,000 cash we gave them?

Miner complains about the number of tax ?exempt properties in the city; yet, she gave a wealthy investment fund massive tax breaks.

And, perhaps the most startling fact is one that has been overlooked.

In 2008, the Driscoll administration promised that, if the hotel were sold within 20 years, the developers would ?return the $500,000 to the city. However, when Mayor Miner consented to the sale this past summer, no ?one mentioned the $500,000.

It is easy for Miner to say she is against tax breaks for “rich” developers, but all you have to do is ?check the facts. Meanwhile, the number of those who live in poverty in this city has continued to grow, and monies that should be used constructively, to eradicate this issue, have been siphoned off to wealthy developers who take the money and run.

Apparently, what Mayor Miner says, and what Mayor Miner does, are two very different things.

Submitted by: Alfonso Davis
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