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Miner Vetoes CRB’s Request to Hire Additional Investigator, Consultant

By Staff



Mayor Stephanie Miner

Mayor Stephanie Miner has vetoed a request from Syracuse’s Citizen Review Board, an independent panel which investigates complaints of police misconduct, to hire a part-time investigator at a cost of $10,000, as well as a request for $5,000 to hire a medical consultant for special cases.

The Common Council approved the two items Oct. 26, and Miner vetoed their 8-0 vote Friday.

The mayor reportedly said she vetoed the requests because it may give individuals filing complaints additional leverage in lawsuits filed against the city.

According to Syracuse’s Post Standard, Miner stated, “The proposed ordinance will authorize a contract that could be used by the CRB’s executive director to expand the CRB beyond its current role, which is to review citizen complaints, and provide a recommendation to the chief of police, into assisting complainants with civil litigation.”

Councilor-at-Large Pamela Hunter, a driving force behind the revamped version of the CRB, said it may be time to revise the current CRB ordinance; however, Hunter has recently been elected to the New York State Assembly, so the task may be left to the remaining council members, and Hunter’s eventual replacement.

Hunter will be leaving the council as early as next week, according to reports.