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Mayors Ask State Legislature for More Aid at Budget Meeting

By Staff


Mayor Stephanie Miner

Mayor Stephanie Miner

New York state mayors told state legislators they needed more state aid to fund their schools, economies, infrastructure, and other programs during a budget meeting at the Capitol, Jan. 26.

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner called for an increase in spending to help the city’s failing infrastructure, in testimony before state legislators, as well as ethics and elections reform within state and local governments.

“The ability for state government to deliver solutions for the great challenges faced by our cities—poverty, aging infrastructure, inequality among others—has been hampered by distractions from the behavior of a few bad apples,” Mayor Miner stated. “We must have leaders who step up, and make significant changes. We cannot afford for state government to work for itself, it must start working for the people of New York once again.”

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