Saturday 10 December 2022
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Miner Addresses Consensus Report, Tax Breaks at GOP Event

By Staff


Mayor Miner state of thecityDemocratic Mayor Stephanie Miner finally addressed the Consensus group’s proposal for consolidating city and county governments, during a recent appearance at an Upstate New York GOP event, which had previously been mired in controversy.

Mayor Miner had come under fire recently, from both Republicans and Democrats alike, for accepting an invitation to the Onondaga Conservative Party’s legislative breakfast on March 26.

Democrats accused the mayor of failing to condemn Republican policies before attending the event, and Republicans had been decidedly unenthusiastic about hearing from the liberal mayor, according to an article in the New York Daily News.

However, despite the controversy, Miner accepted the invitation, and she addressed the following hot-button issues regarding policy and government in her speech during the event:


“There are too many important, unanswered questions, and information, to be able to say I am in favor of it, or I am against it,” she stated. “Much more information, and dialogue, needs to be had.”

Start Up New York

“More than 150 companies have enrolled in the program, pledging 4,000 jobs, over five years. Compare that to what we have spent on Start Up New York in advertising,” the mayor stated. “Two hundred and seven million dollars on ads, for 150 companies, and 4,000 jobs. Seems out of whack.”

“But, what also comes along with there is a troubling coincidence between tax breaks being given to campaign contributors,” she said. “…This is what happens when you have a system that is out of whack. When you have system that is so desperate for economic development, that tax breaks become expected. And, absolutely, in Upstate New York, every developer believes that they’re entitled to a tax break.”

Destiny USA

“In 2007, when I was on the council, the developers promised us…it was going to be a $450 million hotel; it was going to be 39 stories, and it was going to be the largest building outside of New York City,” Miner stated. “They received a 30-year tax break on the single largest piece of taxable land in the city of Syracuse. They told the community they were going to build much more, and they were going to build a hotel. ..Nothing happened.”

“I became mayor, and, in 2015, there started to be this idea circulated that they wanted to come back for an additional tax break, to build a new hotel. Not surprisingly, that was not going to happen in the city of Syracuse. This new hotel project, though, was going to be a $48 million, seven-story hotel, with approximately $7 million in taxes. That looks a little bit different. So, as I said, I said no, and then, they promptly went to Onondaga County who will, for all intents and purposes, will say yes. So, I don’t really blame the developers, because, if we continue to engage in this behavior, where they just get tax break, after tax break, after tax break, well, why shouldn’t they ask? It’s up to us to say no. It’s up to us to say that this kind of economic development process is completely flawed, and leaves all of us behind.”

Visit to view Miner’s full speech.

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