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Miner Blocks City Council’s Access to Computers

By Staff


councilSyracuse Common Councilors said Mayor Stephanie Miner has blocked their access to city computers and email, after they failed to sign an employee computer use policy by July 1.

“We are not the mayor’s employees,”Councilor-at-Large Jean Kessner stated at a press conference. “We are representatives of the people.”

According to the Council, all but one councilor, Jake Barrett, objected to the city’s wording in the new document, which said the city’s information technology department would have full access to confidential correspondence, keystrokes, and users’ internet activity.

The mayor has “really crossed the line on this one,” said Councilor-at-Large Kathleen levitra Joy.

An official from Miner’s office said the policy had been revised after the city received recommendations from the state comptroller’s office.

However, in lieu of the new contract, councilors submitted a signed, alternative policy to the city, with changes to the sections with which they’d disagreed.

The city refused the policy.

Joy said the Council plans to explore its legal options if the situation is not resolved quickly.

In addition, city clerk John Copanas, a Council appointee, said his office has also lost access to city computers.

According to the city, Councilors had two months to sign the document.