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City Swears in Latest Class of 25 New Police Officers

By Staff


new spdMayor Stephanie Miner and Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler swore in the latest class of 25 new police officers to the Syracuse Police Department March 7, in a ceremony at Fowler High School.

The class is the third class of new recruits since Mayor Miner has taken office.

“These new officers will join one of the finest police departments in the nation, and will be serving a community with unique challenges,” Miner stated. “I fully expect these men and women to rise to those challenges, with gallantry and professionalism. When we hire new police officers, we invest a great deal of trust from our community in these recruits. I know the police department has made excellent choices in recruiting these men and women, and they will serve our community well.”

The 25 officers will begin an intensive 26-week police academy, then go through physical training, firearms training, emergency vehicle operations training, and legal training.

Once the officers complete the academy, they will be assigned to partner with a veteran officer in the 12-week Field Training Program.

“These new police officers are the future of our department,” Fowler stated. “They are the men and women who will keep our community safe for another generation. I look forward to training them, and teaching them, and sharing with them the wisdom of our veteran officers, while embracing their new energy for protecting and serving our community.”

The 25 new officers are:

  • Taylor E. Anderson;
  • Jason S. Ladd;
  • Jordan C. Barber;
  • Jacob Lafaver;
  • Douglas Bullock;
  • Christina Lewis;
  • Christopher D. Buske;
  • Lindsey T. Michaels;
  • Julian R. Byrd;
  • Mitchell Anthony;
  • Matthew M. DiDone;
  • Cody Nellis;
  • Kimberly M. Dishaw;
  • Francesca Pollastro-Corless;
  • Michael Dixon;
  • LaShonda Russell;
  • John R. Harriman;
  • Terris V. Sanders;
  • Sarah M. Hassett;
  • Joseph A. Heider;
  • Justin Soule;
  • Mitchell Hoey;
  • Jacob Tracy;
  • Dustin Kiellach
  • and Adrian J. Velazquez.

Miner announced the addition of the new class, as well as a class of new firefighters, during her 2016 State of the City address in January.

“These officers will learn the important skills of policing through their academy training,” the mayor stated. “They will also learn how to work within our environment of data-driven policing, where we work hard to make smart decisions about where to allocate resources, and plan our law enforcement, and crime prevention strategies.”

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