Saturday 10 December 2022
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Miner “Profoundly Disappointed” as Destiny USA Seeks Tax Deal with OCIDA

By Staff


destinyMayor Stephanie Miner said she was “profoundly disappointed” to learn Destiny USA planned to apply for a $6.84 million tax deal from the Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency, in a statement March 8.

The exemptions would reportedly stretch over 12 years for the $48 million hotel the company is building next to the mall.

Destiny’s new proposal is a scaled down version of a bigger hotel the company had proposed in 2014, for which it had sought a $20 million tax deal with OCIDA.

However, reportedly, the mayor has opposed the deal because Destiny already has a $30 million property tax deal for the mall.

“I was profoundly disappointed to learn that the Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency was once again considering rich tax breaks to support a hotel located at Destiny USA,” Mayor Miner said in the statement. “This is yet another experiment in a failed economic strategy that enriches developers, and leaves the rest of our community behind. Destiny has already received more than $700 million in tax breaks in return for the promise of, among other things, a grand hotel. It has reneged on promise after promise, and repeatedly walked away from commitments.”

Destiny reportedly said it would hire city residents to work at the hotel, should it receive the tax deal, or it would pay $200,000 to OCIDA to help implement workforce development programs.

In December, Miner sued inner harbor developer COR Development Co., for seeking a tax deal with OCIDA, and for failing to provide project-related jobs to city residents.

However, a New York State Supreme Court Judge dismissed the lawsuit in February.

“The people of Syracuse are tired of the false promise of trickle-down development with developers who get rich while our people struggle,” the mayor said in the statement. “We know—and have experienced enough—to demand smarter and better economic development.”

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