Thursday 8 December 2022
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More Central New Yorkers Claim Mark Gould Ripped Them Off in Massive Contracting Scam

Mark Gould, a Central New York resident and owner of CNY Star Construction, is in hot water with the law. The 54-year-old is facing a charge of grand larceny, after allegedly taking upwards of $100,000 for a job he never completed. For that sum, Gould had agreed to build a Cicero resident a new home. The house never materialized.

Gould’s alleged crime is, unfortunately, not unique. Seasonal home improvement scam artists are a dime a dozen. They’re so common, in fact, that the Council of Better Business Bureaus released a warning to the 71% of homeowners who are planning home improvement projects this year, giving them tips for spotting fraudsters. In Indiana, the problem was so widespread that the state’s Attorney General launched a lawsuit against multiple contractors scamming senior citizens in the Greater Indianapolis Area.

If Allegations Are True, Gould Scammed Thousands Out of Other Homeowners
Gould may be just one of many engaging in these criminal activities, but new reports show that he may be one of the worst perpetrators. According to a new report from the Syracuse-based WSYR-TV, not only is Gould being charged with grand larceny, he also stands accused of 37 additional cases of fraud.

That’s the number of other people have filed judgments against Mark Gould and CNY Star Construction since 1988. One of the people Gould is alleged to have defrauded claims that Gould cheated him out of $13,000 to buy materials for a roof Gould never built. Sadly, even if the claims prove to be true, many of Gould’s alleged crimes are beyond New York’s statute of limitations for such crimes. At most, larceny cases have a statute of limitations of five years in the Empire State.