Thursday 1 December 2022
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NCAA Upholds Jim Boeheim’s Nine-Game Suspension

By Staff



SU Coach Jim Boeheim

The NCAA upheld its decision to suspend Syracuse University basketball coach Jim Boeheim Dec. 4, but has agreed to allow Boeheim to begin his nine-game suspension during the non-conference season.

As a result, he will only miss six non-conference games, as well as three ACC games, until returning for a game against North Carolina Jan. 9.

“The Infractions Appeals Committee determined the Committee on Infractions had sufficient information to support the finding on the coach’s failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance,” the NCAA said in a statement on its website. “However, the Infractions Appeals Committee determined the stipulation that the suspension be served during conference play was a departure from precedent.”

According to ESPN, Boeheim cited other similar cases in his appeal, such as that of Southern Methodist University (SMU) coach Larry Brown, and asked to serve his suspension before the ACC season started.

However, Boeheim has reportedly said he is displeased with the short notice of the decision, and the fact that he could not begin the suspension earlier in the season.

“They gave us two days’ notice,” he told ESPN. “If they were going to do this, why not six weeks ago?”

Boeheim had been given the suspension by the NCAA in March, for failure to appropriately monitor SU’s basketball program, and for allowing academically ineligible students to continue playing.

“I am considering my options moving forward, and will have no further comment regarding this matter at this time,” he said in a statement.

Following Boeheim’s appeal, the NCAA has also decreased the number of the school’s prohibited basketball scholarships from 12 to eight, over a period of four seasons. However, the NCAA has upheld the vacation of 101 wins in games in which ineligible players participated.