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New Apartments Are Going Up in Syracuse to Help House People with Mental Health Disorders, Low Income


Construction of a new 50-unit apartment building is scheduled to be completed this fall on the North Side of Syracuse. The apartment building is meant to be housing for low-income families and people with mental health disorders.

The building will be at 501 Catherine St, and it will be completed in October, according to Christa Construction LLC, of Rochester. For the $10 million project, CSD Housing LLC has partnered with Central New York Services Inc., a non-profit behavioral health organization. Christina Construction will be the project’s general contractor.

C. Lewis Tomaselli Architects will be designing the four-story building at the northwest corner of Cathrine and East Will streets. The future owner of the building, CNY Services, plans to reserve 30 of the apartments for individuals with mental health disorders and the other 20 units for low-income tenants.

According to data from 2016, household income has grown by 28% in the last 13 years, but the cost of living has gone up 30% in that same time period. With the average cost of living growing faster than the average household income, it’s no wonder that there is a need for low-income housing like these apartments being built in Syracuse.

There is another interesting fact about this project aside from the fact that it will be helping so many people in need in the Syracuse area. The new building will replace two old apartment buildings that were demolished for this project, where F. Scott Fitzgerald lived briefly as a young boy,. While it may be sad to some that this historic building will not be saved, the future plans for the site are worth celebrating,

The project will be extensive and includes exterior work on the masonry and siding for the new building. On the inside, workers are already installing drywall and finishes. The completion of the curbs, sidewalks, landscaping, and asphalt are scheduled for late August.