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New Children’s Book Inspires Black Boys to “Be Brilliant”

kids book boyFollowing her success with earlier books such as I’m a Pretty Little Black Girl! and I’m a Lovely Little Latina, Author Betty K. Bynum has done it once again with I’m a Brilliant Little Black Boy.

I’m a Brilliant Little Black Boy seeks to engage and inspire the minds of young Black boys everywhere. The book, like its predecessors, highlights the importance of good moral values and encourages Black boys to engage in activities that will lead to success.

The book was co-written by Bynam’s 19-year-old son Joshua B. Drummond, who says his motivation comes from the lack of Black characters in cartoons today.

“I would watch Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Every once in a while, there would be that one Black character within the friend group,” Drummond said in a press release. “But for my age, there was never a whole group of just boys, like cool Black kids for the cartoons in particular.”

Most children now spend an average of seven and a half hours in front of a screen every day. Whether it’s watching cartoons or playing video games, children are impressionable and need to have role models they can relate to. Drummond and Bynam are not only aiming to introduce more Black children’s literature, but to pull children away from the screen as well.

Drummond went on to discuss the positivity he hopes to bring to the conversation surrounding race and inequality in America with this book.

“We need great books for our Black boys. There is a huge void on the shelves for books without Black boys at the center of the story,” Bynum said in a press release.

The book has been endorsed by celebrities across the board, including Samuel L. Jackson, Vin Diesel, and Denzel Washington, among others.

Bynam’s books are being used by educators, parents, and children to bring light to the importance of representation in literature. Bynam states, “Black books matter, and they matter to our society and world, as a whole.”

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