Saturday 10 December 2022
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New Food Spot to Pop Up in Place of Old Syracuse Surplus Store

De JuliosA former military surplus store will be reopening as a hotspot for foodpreneurs.

Entrepreneurs of the food industry will be welcome from far and wide to a rentable kitchen space that meets the standards and certifications of health officials. This will likely be utilized by many professional chefs, home cooks, and food truck owners for a sanitary place to bottle sauces and condiments.

This could also provide a preferable alternative location for food truck owners and caterers to do prep work for their hungry patrons.

The hype is circling around this project, as it could bring a good deal of culinary diversity to Syracuse.

“It’s got the best opportunity to create jobs… It could be used as a 24-hour center.” Kerry Quaglia, executive director of HomeHeadquarters said of this $1.3 million investment.

The business model certainly seems like a win for everyone. The city will raise money from the elevated economic activity. The investors will make money from the rent foodpreneurs pay to work there. The chefs and food truck owners won’t need to go through expensive health standard checks. Finally, the customers can rest assured that they are eating clean food cooked in a top quality kitchen.

Cleanliness is a big deal for customers. In fact, 29% of customers won’t return to a restaurant with unsanitary bathrooms. The fact that this new space plans to quell customer concerns over sanitation bodes well for the likelihood of long-term success.

That’s the plan, at least, as renovations continue forward tenaciously. The parking lot is big enough to host a number of food trucks, the elevators are under repair, and the bathrooms are being renovated to the highest standard.

As the finishing touches a being put on this foodpreneurs’ heaven, one thing is still uncertain. What will the be the name of this delicious hub?

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