Thursday 1 December 2022
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New Guidelines for Public Gathering Allow Syracuse Police Officers to Conduct Searches

Across the United States, a lot has changed since the Charlottesville riot.

In Syracuse, new legislation has been passed that will allow searches at rallies and parades to prevent violence and help saves lives.

Worldwide, 1.2 million people die in car accidents every single year. Even more tragically, however, a growing number of these accidents aren’t accidents at all. Vehicles have been used in recent months as weapons of terror from the London attacks to the killing of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville. Now, it’s up to the U.S. to do a better job at protecting its people during these trying times.

According to, city officials released an updated event permit application that will provide new guidelines for public gatherings for police officers to conduct searches.

The new application includes a clause allowing cops to search any event participant. Additionally, the clause states that if a police officer attempts to perform a search on an event participant and they refuse, they can be removed from the premises.

The clause bans all dangerous weapons from these public events, including swords, guns, brass knuckles, mace, and other items.

“At an assembly or a protest I don’t know why you need all these things,” said Syracuse Corporation Counsel Joseph Fahey. “I’ve never seen people show up for a parade with body armor and a helmet or carrying weapon with a potential for violence.”

Police officers will have complete discretion as to who they want to perform these searchers on. If someone appears to have a prohibited item on their person, they will be subjected to a search and dealt with accordingly.

The Central Permit Office has reviewed the recent addition to the permit application process and approved it.

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