Saturday 26 November 2022
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New Syracuse Apartments Planned for Tenants With Low Incomes, Mental Health Disorders

downloadA social services organization in Syracuse is scheduled to start construction on a new 50-unit apartment building specifically designed for low-income tenants and those with mental health disorders.

Approximately 32% of people searching for new homes are first time home buyers, and the number of renters is on the rise nationally. Especially in urban areas, it can be extremely difficult to find safe low-income housing.

That’s why Central New York Services Inc. has partnered with Christa Development Corp. to construct the four-story, 50-unit building. Until last year, the site was home to an apartment building in which F. Scott Fitzgerald lived for a short time as a child.

According to the executive director of CNY Services, John Warren, at least 20 of the new apartment units will be reserved for low-income Syracuse residents. The remaining 30 will be reserved for tenants with mental health disorders who are able to live independently. Warren explained that the number of apartments reserved for those with mental health disorders effectively makes this “the only development of its type in Syracuse.”

Not only that, but four of the apartments will be fully accessible to tenants with physical disabilities. Warren explained that the rest of the apartments are designed in such a way that they can be easily modified to accommodate physical disabilities at any time.

Syracuse is seeing many new improvements to its mental health resources in addition to this new apartment building, including a new outpatient clinic designed specifically to help people suffering from heroin and painkiller addiction.

Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare, an alcohol and drug treatment agency, will open the clinic in a space that it already owns. The new facility will be able to serve up to 250 patients, and it will provide heroin treatments like methadone, buprenorphine, and vivitrol to patients suffering from opioid addiction.

This clinic is arriving at a time when opioid usage in the U.S. is frighteningly high; both here in Syracuse and around upstate New York, there’s a growing need for accessible opioid treatment. The clinic will hire a staff of 17 doctors, nurses, counselors, and security personnel to help with operations.

Meanwhile, construction on the new apartment complex is scheduled to begin in March with a budget of just over $10 million. The project will take just under a year to complete.

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