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New York State Drops Two Spots on 2015 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard

Despite some positive momentum in the field of alternative energy, New York experienced a minor drop in a national study that ranks states based on the quality of their energy efficiency and regulations.

According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), New York ranked 9th in the 2015 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard, falling two positions from its admirable ranking of 7th in 2014.

The study implements a point-based system to rank the states. Rankings are based on the number of points each state accrues for different programs and legislative initiatives that determine how efficiently they use their given resources.

For example, New York earned 10 out of a possible 20 points in the field of utilities. Despite only earning half of the possible points in utilities as well as most other fields, New York ranked higher than the national median in every single category.

Transportation was the field in which New York shone the brightest. It earned 8.5 out of 10 points for its transportation policies, largely due to a comprehensive set of policies to encourage efficient transportation systems and a significant amount of funding for transportation.

New York cheap phentermine dwarfed the national median in transportation, which was a paltry three points out of 10. The state also offers vouchers toward the purchase of hybrid and electric trucks, and average vehicle miles traveled have seen a drastic decrease in recent years.

In addition to state-funded initiatives such as hybrid vehicle vouchers, savvy New Yorkers are implementing strategies of their own to cut energy costs. Energy Star-qualified windows can lower energy bills by 7-15%, and many residents have already made the switch to solar power.

According to the New York Times, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has already dedicated $750 million in funding to build a solar panel factory on the outskirts of Buffalo, attempting to corner the market in an industry that many experts project to be the future of renewable energy.

Projects like this show the innovative forethought of legislators who are betting on energy efficiency to carry New York through a sluggish economy. Despite the minor drop in this year’s ACEEE rankings, New Yorkers should be proud of their state’s efforts to improve energy efficiency for its residents.