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New York State Fair Celebrates Record Breaking Attendance With $1 Admission

carnival-2456901_960_720The New York State Fair is a summer staple of Upstate New York. Located in the suburb of Geddes in Syracuse, this 13-day festival is a place of family fun and incredible experiences.

For the standard admission price of $10 (kids under 12 get in free), visitors can listen to live music, watch pigs race across a track, wave up to the Mango and Dango stilt walkers, and take part in woodworking demonstrations. The wares available for sale at the New York State Fair are mostly created by hand, reminiscent of Amish furniture, which is 100% handcrafted.

And now, during the last six days, almost everyone can enjoy the fun. According to a release from Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office, between Wednesday, August 30, and Thursday, August 31, admission to the New York State Fair is only $1.

That’s right. Admission is $1.

College IDs and any special sportswear are not required to receive the special admissions deal. Families and friends need only bring themselves and their expectation of entertainment.

The reason behind the temporary drop in price, Cuomo’s office explained, is a thank you to those who helped break the New York State Fair’s ultimate daily record of attendance on Sunday, August 27. The previous record of attendance had been set back in 2014 during Labor Day with a total of 122,870 people in attendance.

This past Sunday, the record was shattered with the attendance of 123,206 people.

“Days of 100,000-plus are highly unusual on the first weekend of the Fair,” said New York State Fair spokesperson Dave Bullard. “There have been 80 first Saturdays and Sundays since World War II and out of those 80, just six — 7.5% — have hit six figures. The average on those days hovers around 80,000.”

Prior to 2014, the record of attendance was a grand total of 105,894 in 2002. Sunday’s record surpasses the first initial record by 17,312 people. This, of course, was before the drop in admission price. The $1 admission may very well cause another record-breaking day just four days after the last.

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