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New York State Fair to Feature New “Baby Care Centers” to Help Parents Care for Children


By Staff –


StateFair_BabyCenter_Family_heroThe New York State Fair will feature new “baby care centers” this year, in order to provide families with a comfortable, supervised and air-conditioned place to care for their children, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office stated.

Each of the four “care centers” will have private space for nursing mothers, as well as a clean, staffed area where parents can change diapers, or relax with their small children, the state said.

“We are committed to enhancing every aspect of the fair experience, and these baby care centers will provide additional comfort, and peace of mind to parents taking part in this great New York tradition,” Gov. Cuomo stated. “Our unprecedented investment in promoting the fair in Central New York helps drive attendance, fueling the local economy and spurring tourism – allowing this region to grow, and thrive for years to come.”

“It’s one more reason to come to the fairgrounds,” Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney added. “Whether we’re talking about big new initiatives, or smaller improvements that enhance the fairgoer’s experience, it’s clear that Gov. Cuomo’s reinvention of the fair is paying great dividends to the entire region, and will provide even greater growth in the years ahead.”

The Amish Structures company, based in Manlius, built the 20-foot A-frame structures, and, according to officials, the buildings will also be available for rent to the private firms that host events on the fairgrounds throughout the year.

The state fair will run from Aug. 23 until Sept. 4.

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