Wednesday 7 December 2022
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Update: STA to Investigate Suspended President’s Allegations of Computer Misuse

By Staff



(Update, Jan. 11) – The Syracuse Teachers Association has announced it will investigate suspended president Karen Fruscello’s allegations of inappropriate computer use by an STA officer. 

According to Fruscello, she was suspended from the organization after conducting an independent audit of STA computer equipment, after which an auditor uncovered the case of misconduct. 

Fruscello has reportedly said the organization lacks transparency.

However, according to STA board members, Fruscello was suspended because she overstepped her authority by conducting the audit without board members’ consent in the first place.

The group said Wednesday that Fruscello did not have the authority to authorize the expenditures associated with the audit, but that the organization currently plans to investigate the alleged case of computer misuse.  

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(From Jan. 10) – The Syracuse Teachers Association has suspended newly-elected president Karen Fruscello for conducting an unauthorized audit of STA computer equipment; however, according to Fruscello, she was reportedly suspended in retaliation for demanding more transparency within the organization.

“These people don’t deal in integrity,” she said in an article on “They do not want to be transparent.”

Fruscello said she decided to conduct the independent audit of STA computers upon learning the organization did not have a clear computer use policy.

And, as a result of the sweep, the auditor found a case of inappropriate conduct relative to an STA officer’s computer use.

However, contrary to Fruscello’s allegations, the board has said Fruscello was suspended because she overstepped her authority by conducting the audit without board members’ consent in the first place.

“The Syracuse Teachers Association Executive Board has made the difficult decision to suspend STA President Karen Fruscello pending investigation,” the board said in a statement on its website. “Given the association’s stated commitment to advancing the interests of its membership, and promoting ethical practices, it is imperative that the board, as the association’s executive authority, investigate thoroughly any allegations of impropriety.”

Fruscello, who was elected president July 1 after challenging former longtime president Kevin Ahern for the position, said she has no plans to step down from the role.

“I’ve done nothing wrong,” she stated.

The organization has not yet commented further on the matter; however, according to reports, the group will likely address Fruscello’s suspension during its Jan. 18 meeting.

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