Saturday 10 December 2022
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Nine Months After Buffalo’s ‘Snowvember,’ It’s Raining Babies

Mother with baby at homeLast November, Buffalo saw the beginnings of one of the coldest and snowiest winters on record. So much, in fact, that many parts of Buffalo were covered in up to nine feet of snow.

During this time, the snow made it virtually impossible for anyone to even leave their homes, let alone attend work or school.

Nine months later, the world has finally figured out what everyone was, uh, doing during the record-breaking snowstorm.

As a result of what was dubbed “Snowvember,” Buffalo is expected to see a great influx of births coming late August.

According to the Weather Channel, these snow babies have already started to arrive at Mercy Hospital, located in South Buffalo. By late August, the number of births are expected to increase by 25-30%.

That means that instead of the normal 250 babies per month, the hospital will be seeing more than 300.

To accommodate the increased baby expectancy, Mercy Hospital has pulled out all the stops in preparation; they even bought new cribs to ensure that every little snow nugget has a place to sleep.

Despite the baby boom, the doctors at Mercy Hospital are not alarmed.

In an interview with WKBW, OBGYN physician Dr. Nicholas Cromwell expressed that despite the influx, things are still in order.

“It’s not as hectic in one way,” Dr. Cromwell told WKBW. “The numbers are busy but it’s a little more controlled in how people are getting here.”

As for the parents responsible for the baby boom, they now see the snow storm as a blessing of sorts, creating ample time for the “extracurricular activity” that brought the babies into existence.

Kids typically enter preschool around the ages of three through five. At least many of these Snowvember babies will be able to bond then over their similar conception tales.