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NYS Health Dept. Will Make Decision on Medical Marijuana Business Licenses Soon

MarijuanaThose who suffer from life-threatening conditions throughout New York State could see a new treatment in as little as six months from the medical marijuana industry.

New York legislators have decided to begin opening the market to medical, non-smokeable cannabis, only by prescription. As a result, 43 businesses are clamoring for one of the coveted medical marijuana business licenses.

But the state will only grant five licenses, and from there, those five business owners will only be allowed to set up a total of four dispensaries each.

The state’s Department of Health is currently reviewing all 43 applications, which can number around a thousand pages each, and is expected to make a decision some time this week.

Ever since Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration announced that it would begin allowing medical cannabis businesses in the state, advocates for cannabis have pushed for the substance to become available even sooner.

Parents of children with debilitating conditions want to see medicinal marijuana approved for use immediately to allow their kids to get the treatment that they need. Marijuana has been shown to treat a number of conditions, from glaucoma and fibromyalgia to HIV/AIDS and cancer.

The push for more access to cannabis is part of a national movement to see cannabis decriminalized, regulated, and made available to the public. Research shows that more than half of Americans — about 52% — believe that cannabis should be legalized in the United States, yet only four states have fully legalized it so far.

In the central New York area, several companies have expressed interest in setting up shop if they receive an approval for a license. Butler Evergreen, Empire State Compassionate Care, Far(m)ed New York LLC, and Alternative Medicine Associates LLC are just a few of those businesses.