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Observing African American Women’s Equal Pay Day: What You Should Know About the Staggering Pay Gap

By Staff


AA woman equal payDespite what pay gap deniers say – yes, there are people out there who dismiss the gender pay gap as a myth created by angry feminists – women in the U.S. earn only 79 cents for every dollar men make. That is why every April we celebrate Equal Pay Day, which symbolizes just how many more months, weeks, and days women must work in order to catch up to what men earned the previous year.

This day in April only symbolizes part of a much deeper problem, though. This past Tuesday, August 23, was African American Women’s Equal Pay Day. Because black women are paid only 63 cents for every dollar a white man makes, it takes eight more months for black women in the U.S. to catch up. It isn’t talked about often, but the difference in pay just between white and black women is staggering.

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