Wednesday 7 December 2022
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Out of the Mouth of a Hypocrite – Domestic Terrorism

Dr._Faye WilliamsBy Dr. E. Faye Williams
( – Any reasonable person plugged into a viable news source on 9/11/2001, understands the purpose and objective of terrorism. For those too young or uninformed to see the obvious, the design of terrorism is to upset and distort normalcy in the lives of a group of people. In the case of 9/11, the air traffic system in the U.S. and many parts of the world, were forever changed.

Common elements of change, subsequent to 9/11 and other acts of terror, are heightened security, a complete modification of policies and procedures, and a slow-down or cessation in the delivery of services and goods. Those who remember the last minute dashes into airports and a rush down terminal corridors to make a flight by the slimmest margin can attest to the change in increased time required for successful boarding that has become routine.

Exemplars of terrorism are not limited to Al Qaida, the Taliban or ISIS. We Americans have experienced the wrath of groups like the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Brotherhood and other groups.

We’ve been victimized by individuals, as well. We continue to have reason to be extra careful wherever we go. We’ve experienced Timothy McVeigh, Jeffery Dahmer, Joseph McCarthy and Dick Cheney. These are are names that live, and will live, in infamy for the foreseeable future. Truly, the aim of terrorism is to throw life out-of-balance for large numbers of people.

Now there emerges the name of another terrorist. It is a name destined to strike fear and discord in the U. S. and possibly the World. It is the name Rafael Edward Cruz – better known as Ted Cruz. Arguably, since being sworn into office in 2013, this Texas Senator has done more to disrupt the orderly conduct of government in the U. S. than any other legislator. One could reasonably question his sanity. Cruz was elected on a platform that defined legislative compromise as making the other guy agree with his position.

In his two years of “service” to the nation, Cruz has become known for his intractable positions favoring gun rights, his staunch support of Pro Life positions, and his leadership in shutting down the government. His life seems to be such a contradiction. It’s easy to wonder if he is trying for an EMMY or an Oscar! He is so obviously acting when he speaks. He perfectly staged his long dramatic speech at Liberty University to tell us what we’ve known since he blew into Washington like a destructive whirlwind! He hasn’t calmed down yet.

I listened to his tirade about his personal mission to destroy “ObamaCare,” as he calls the Affordable Care Act. The millions now enjoying health care for the first time in their lives must find Mr. Cruz’s behavior abominable. He puts such emotion into his determination to take away affordable health that I really believe he would take away health care from babies, seniors and people with disabilities. That would be okay if he offered something better. No, that wouldn’t be like Ted. He enjoys destruction too much.

Now it’s unexplainable how Senator Ted Cruz walked off the stage of one of his greatest performances to join “ObamaCare”—the benefit he’s given his all to take away from his own constituents! He made his claim to fame leading people to rail against “ObamaCare.” I’m sure we all know that some of Cruz’s constituents would like the benefits he has. I guess he says certain things just aren’t meant for you, but he thinks they’re good enough for him!

I wonder if he has ever asked himself why you should vote for him if he wants to use his government benefits, but doesn’t want you to have and manage yours!
(Dr. E. Faye Williams is President/CEO of the National Congress of Black Women, Inc., 202/678-6788. www.nationalcongress