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Plumber Wins New York Powerball Lottery After Sitting on His Ticket

lotteria2Good things happen to those who wait, as the old saying goes, and perhaps no one can better appreciate that than recent Powerball lottery winner Anthony Perosi.

ABC News reports that Perosi, a 56 year-old Staten Island plumber, found out he had won the lottery after sitting on his ticket for six weeks. On March 14th he had stopped at a local 7-Eleven on his way to do an inspection, and purchased some lottery tickets. A week later, Perosi thought he had lost the Powerball drawing after talking to a local bartender who told him a “teacher” had won the $136 million jackpot.

“She says, ‘Forget about it. You won nothing,'” Perosi recalled.

The next month, however, Perosi decided to check his ticket again. He had the habit of keeping all his lottery tickets posted on a wall in his basement. He said that upon thinking about what the bartender had told him, the hadn’t heard any news about a winner.

“I said, ‘Let me check those tickets…I didn’t see anybody in the news or the paper that won,'” he said. “The first one I checked, all the numbers matched.”

After looking at his March 14th ticket and finding out his numbers matched, he had trouble taking it all in.

“I went to breathe in and no air would go in,” he said. “I was by myself and I said, ‘Oh, my God, my heart has stopped.'”

After pacing around in his house, he decided to call his only child, Anthony Perosi III, 27. He told him to “come over here immediately. Don’t ask why. Just come over.”

Once his son came over and realized what his father had won, they both broke down in tears, ecstatic about his newfound wealth.

Perosi has decided to take his $136 million prize in the form of a lump sum lottery payout, and will give half of it (once taxes are taken out) to his son.

“He’s going to buy a nice car and wants to buy a new house and a house on the shore,” Perosi said of his son. Both men said they will continue to work, although the elder Perosi admits that he’ll work “maybe not as hard.”

His decision to take his winnings in a lump sum is in contrast with the option many other lottery winners take: structured annuities. Some annuity earners, however, opt for the “immediate” annuity, in which claimants can receive payments as quickly as 30 days.