Pool Safety 101: How to Stay Safe on Memorial Day


Memorial Day weekend is officially here and countless families are ready to wade in the water. The unofficial start of summer is often the first weekend that countless families open up the estimated 10.4 million residential pools throughout the country.

After all, swimming is the fourth-most popular activity in the United States. When you’re ready to race to the water, follow these safety tips this Memorial Day.

Protect your skin

Springtime in New York means that we’re not used to slathering on the sunscreen. But with longer days and warmer weather, we may be tempted to stay outside without protection. Unfortunately, this might result in a few nasty sunburns in the process.

Be sure to apply consistent amounts of sunscreen when you’re ready to hit the pool. If you’re not a fan of the lotion options, you can also use a spray sunscreen or protective UV clothing. It’s estimated that UV protective clothing with a UPF of 50 or higher can block 98% of the sun’s harmful rays.

Don’t swim in a storm

Swimming in stormy weather can be a recipe for disaster. Unless you’re in an indoor pool, it’s always recommended that you leave the water when you first hear thunder.

This is because lightning can dissipate in many directions should it strike the ground. Because water is a good electrical conductor, you might get a nasty shock if you stay poolside. Keep track of the thunder and only go back into the pool when you haven’t heard a boom for more than 60 minutes. Otherwise, lightning can still pose a threat.

Track children at all times

Even with the appropriate swimming safety precautions, you should always keep track of small children. Children don’t have the motor skills to save themselves if they start to take on water and many don’t make noise when they’re in distress. Always keep an eye on your children, even if you leave the pool for a few minutes.

With these safety tips, you can ascertain that your Memorial Day weekend will go off without a hitch.