Wednesday 7 December 2022
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Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter and Holiday Travel

Motion Blur of CarFor those who may be traveling by car this season, Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Dan Gordon says there are things that must be done before heading out on the road. He spoke with KOLO-TV and encourages drivers to inspect their car prior to their winter trip, especially if they intend on going on long drives. This includes checking tire pressure and fluids.

“The stuff that can be used in the summer is pretty much water-based. It will freeze. It will clog the lines. It will be useless,” Trooper Gordon said.

Jason Nelson with NDOT’s Freeway Service Patrol says that it’s important to make sure you have an extra tire in the trunk of your vehicle in case you were to get a flat. Newer cars tend to not have spare tires, so it’s extremely important that you double check that you have one in case you need it. He also says that it’s important to have an air compressor. About 70% of all manufacturers have a compressed air system in their factories, but it’s also an important tool for those who will be going on long drives.

“Go to the back of the trunk and where the spare should be is the can of fix-a-flat and air compressor. Depending on the severity of the flat it could be completely gone in seconds by the time you pull over in a safe location and that fix-a-flat is not going to help you there,” Nelson said.

Keep in mind that acids are the top reason compressor fluids fail and need to be replaced.

KWCH says Frank Acevedo spends his day working on motorcycles and vehicle batteries. He urges drivers to check batteries before getting on the road this winter as well. Acevedo says that batteries typically perform just as well in the winter as they do in the summer, but that drivers should still take the time to visually inspect their vehicle’s battery. Specifically, Acevedo suggest checking the battery’s terminals for signs of advanced corrosion.

Since the holiday season can bring the worst winter weather, there’s always a chance that you might get stuck on the road. While preparing yourself and your vehicle for the drive ahead, Trooper Gordon reminds drivers to remember that it isn’t all about getting the car ready. Everyone should also remember to pack things to keep warm in case of harsh conditions and unexpected breakdowns.

“But bring extra blankets and socks and stuff like that. It is the middle of December or January or one of the cold months, and we will get up to the car, and they are in a short-sleeved shirt and shorts. It’s almost like you have to prepare for the worst. You pray for the best, but prepare for the worst,” Trooper Gordon said.