Wednesday 30 November 2022
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Produce Food Truck Drives Up To Provide Fruits And Veggies In West Syracuse

Vegetables and fruits background.A Syracuse food truck is putting a new twist on mobile vending — one that includes plenty of fruits and veggies. reports that the Farm Fresh Mobile Market truck has opened in the parking lot of St. Joseph’s Primary Care Center – West. This new food service is providing much-needed relief after Nojaim Brothers Supermarket closed on Glifford Street.

Among those most affected by the store’s closure were the West Side residents who were part of a diabetes education program, according to These residents receive $10 coupons for fruits and vegetables each time they attend a class at St. Joe’s. The Farm Fresh truck will now be parked outside of the church after every class.

“It gives me salad for the month,” Patricia Sprague, one of the program participants, said in a statement to WAER. “I don’t have to worry about not having the things that I need because I’m able to get them. Fruits, vegetables, greens…you can get all that at the truck or Nojaim’s when it was open. It’s a blessing.”

A Healthy Alternative reports that St. Joe’s started the coupon program because there were many people in the surrounding neighborhood living with diabetes. And while a Harris Poll recently ranked pizza as the country’s top comfort food, this is not the type of food that people with illnesses need for nourishment.

The ideal meal plan for someone with diabetes includes fresh foods, low carbohydrate intake, and little fat, according to the American Diabetes Association. The St. Joe’s coupon program allows lower-income populations to access the produce needed to regulate their blood sugar and commit to a balanced diet.

“We wanted to get into the food deserts,” Diane Turner, who runs the Southside Interfaith Community Development Corporation, said in a statement to WAER. “A lot of the areas just don’t have the fresh produce that they need. We tried it with the corner stores, but they don’t want to provide what we have.”

Just as medical professionals recommend that adults get seven to nine hours of sleep per night, it’s essential that those with diabetes, in particular, eat a healthy diet. This disease can lead to kidney disease, heart disease, and other complications. And for those in the program, the Farm Fresh Mobile Market truck is certainly meeting this demand, if not stretching to meet it.

“It’ll go,” Turner told WAER. “There’s a lot of food in the truck. I’ll say I’ll be pretty much empty.”

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