Thursday 1 December 2022
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Rochester Native’s Business Uses Tattoos to Conceal Hair Loss

Man checking his hair loss in the mirrorLargely due to dissatisfaction with one’s social media pictures, cosmetic procedures are on the rise. Studies have shown that rhinoplasties, for example, increased 10% in 2013 over 2012.

A more surprising finding? The number of hair transplants, a procedure that helps conceal the appearance of hair loss,rose 7% in the same time period.

To address the growing demand for hair transplants, Irondequoit native Bryce Cleveland has introduced a more permanent solution. Scalp Aesthetics, located inside downtown Rochester’s Buckingham Commons, is a hair therapy business that offers micropigmentation tattoos to men and women looking to cover up the signs of hair loss.

According to the Democrat and Chronicle, Cleveland, 31, has already spread his business to franchise locations across the country. There are even Scalp Aesthetics locations in Toronto and Edmonton, Alberta, and a planned United Kingdom location will be opening soon.

“When we tell somebody we are going to tattoo your head and make it look like hair, they’re going to tell you to go to hell,” Cleveland told the Democrat and Chronicle in a telephone interview. “I just worked on it and worked on it, perfected the inks, the needles and the way we did things.”

Because regular black tattoo ink tends to fade to green or blue over time, Cleveland uses a charcoal-based ink along with smaller-than-average tattoo needles to replicate the look of real hair. Cleveland said the $4,000 procedure is relatively painless, as the needle is injected to the first layer of skin only. He should know, because he’s undergone the procedure himself. These scalp tattoos last about 10 years.

The American Hair Loss Association reports that two out of three men will experience hair loss to some degree before they reach age 35. About 40% of women deal with hair loss, as well.

And in Rochester, where the Hispanic population is rapidly growing, Scalp Aesthetics can offer a solution to such a prevalent problem. By 2060, Rochester’s Hispanic community is expected to double, according to the Democrat and Chronicle.

When a full head of hair is one of the most basic components of one’s self-confidence, Cleveland’s innovative method of scalp tattoos could just be the best way to restore confidence lost from losing one’s hair.