Wednesday 30 November 2022
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Salt City Gaffe Fixed: NYS Department of Transportation Replaces Misspelled ‘Syracuse’ Airport Sign

syracuseWe all make mistakes, but fortunately they’re not always right out in public for everyone to see. That was the predicament some unidentified New York State Department of Transportation workers must have found themselves in this past week.

According to, Pam Levine was on her lunch break when she noticed something wrong with the sign directing drivers from Interstate 481 South from Bear Road to Syracuse’s Hancock International Airport. Instead of of reading “Syracuse Airport – next right” it was misspelled “Sryacuse.”

“It’s amusing but it’s also embarrassing,” Levine said.

Apparently, folks from the state’s DOT agreed. Levine reported the gaffe to on Wednesday who contacted the state DOT. They investigated the matter and ended up replacing the sign later that day with a corrected version.

No one seems to know how the error made it past workers, or even how long the misspelled sign was up.

“It was obviously an error,” said Gene Cilento, a spokesman for the state DOT. “It was immediately addressed. How it happened is under review.”

While the mistake could have been particularly embarrassing, especially in welcoming out-of-town travelers and passersby, considering 71% of people often look at the messages on roadside billboards, it’s certainly not the first time a governmental body has had a hard time with familiar words.

According to ABC’s New Orleans affiliate (WGNO), this same week someone from Louisiana’s Public Works Department had trouble spelling the name of their own state. Viewers reported four instances of ‘Louisiana Avenue’ street signs misspelled as ‘Lousiana.’

“This happens more than you think,” Mary Hefler wrote on WGNO’s Facebook page. “We have two streets that intersect in St. Tammany that were spelled wrong. Took two years to get it fixed.”

To their credit, NYS DOT workers were quick to fix their mistake in “Sryacuse.” Typos can happen to anyone, but it’s probably best to have an editor if it’s going to be a permanent fixture representing the community.