Saturday 26 November 2022
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SCSD Students Discover the History of ITC and the Veteran’s Day Holiday

By Staff


ITCStudents at Syracuse’s Institute of Technology at Central (ITC) took part in a “Citizens Rising” event to learn about the history of their school, focus on serving the school community, and discover the history of the Veteran’s Day holiday, SCSD officials stated.

As they rotated through four stations throughout the school, students learned about the history of ITC and Central Tech, as ITC seniors told them about the school’s founding, the artifacts which have been found from the original buildings, and the changes the school has faced over time.

“It was a humbling experience,” junior Kyilil Balaam stated. “I usually don’t do things like this,and it’s made me feel more pride in my school.”

In addition, according to Social Studies teacher Kathleen Argus, students saw photos of plaques honoring former graduates who fought in World Wars I and II, and a statue of the Roman goddess Minerva, which once occupied the foyer of Central Tech.

Argus said students were so moved by these artifacts, they started creating petitions to request getting them back into their school.

“A couple hundred students signed them!” she stated.

The students also enjoyed a lesson designed by seniors about ITC logos, and their bearing on the spirit of the community, where they were able to design their own sample ITC logo. According to officials, the students will vote on the logos and decide what to do with them in the near future.

Students also took part in a lesson which explored the history of Veteran’s Day, discussing questions and watching videos about veterans which examined how we celebrate them, and what it means that “all gave some, some gave all.”

Finally, students took part in an outdoor service project, where they cleaned up around their school building, and in Billings Park. The students collected trash, raked, spread mulch, and planted flowers.

“We planted, and learned how to help our community,” Zarfara Davis, an ITC junior, stated. “Everything we’re doing is making the community stronger. We also learned about the history of our school, and how it was founded. This is our school, and we really care—this means a lot.”

That pride, and interest in their school and their community, was the goal, Argus stated.

“The students were really buying into this because their peers were teaching the classes,” she said. “The park cleanup went well, and people came out of the VA class crying. If we can get the students fired up about history, then we’ve succeeded.”