Wednesday 30 November 2022
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Short Bursts Of Exercise May Be Beneficial In Extending Western New York Lives

Short periods of exercise may be just as beneficial as regular workouts. According to a recent study by the National Cancer Institute and Duke University, short bursts of exercise may be just as effective as concentrated exercise sessions when it comes to extending your life.

Researchers analyzed 4,840 American adults over the age of 40. During the study, participants took part in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey while wearing accelerometers to track their movements throughout the week.

By the follow-up period 6.6 years later after the initial study, as many as 700 participants had passed away.

Researchers found that those who received 30 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous activity every day were one-third less likely to have died compared to those who received little to no physical activity.

Participants who received 60 to 99 minutes of physical activity every day were 50% less likely to have died. And finally, those who received 100 or more minutes a day of physical activity were three-quarters less likely to have died.

These correlations, researchers say, hold their own whether the participant received their physical activity in short bursts or in concentrated sessions. As long as the physical activity lasts between 5 to 10 minutes in duration, the body was able to benefit from the exercise.

These findings are valuable at a time when Western New Yorkers aren’t getting enough exercise.

According to the 2018 County Health Rankings, four of Western New York’s counties rank within the bottom six out of New York State’s total 62 counties when it comes to quality and length of life.

The average American eats around 4.3 burgers a month and spends only 17 minutes a day exercising.

Children have also been found to spend less time playing outside than their parents did when they were in school. Research has found that compared to the 8.2 hours a week their parents spent outside as kids, today’s children only play outside for just over four hours a week.

“This speaks to the need for balance in terms of community involvement in health,” said Phillip Haberstro. Haberstro services as the executive director of the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo.

“If it’s all over on the treatment and cure side,” Haberstro said, “and not enough on the prevention and health promotion side, it won’t work.”

Western New York counties were ranked based on what motivated residents to achieve their goals, whether they had supportive relationships, whether they liked their community, whether they were in good physical health, and whether they were able to manage their finances to reduce stress.

Out of 62 counties, Genesee County ranked 19th for premature death, Erie County ranked 53rd, and Niagara County ranked 61st.

Western New York has an aging population, Haberstro said, with pockets of poverty and high rates of heart disease.

Regular exercise, be it in short bursts or concentrated sessions, could help to reduce the number of premature deaths. And for those who are elderly or living with chronic pain, up to 92% of massage patients report that massage therapy is effective in reducing pain.

Massage therapy can reduce pain intensity, which makes it easier to exercise. Exercise itself has also been proven to reduce pain in the long run.

“Improvements can be made,” said Haberstro. “I think there’s a collective approach to creating a community culture that encourages and supports people to make the right choices.”