Thursday 1 December 2022
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Special Ed for Donald Trump

Op/Ed By Dr. E. Faye Williams Esq.


Dr._Faye Williams( —I was a teacher. Among other things, I taught Special Education. I’ve always been told “Once a teacher, always a teacher,” so I decided to give Donald Trump a little instructional upgrade.

Everybody knows that when Trump was asked by a reporter if he would disavow David Duke, he indicated he didn’t know anything about the man.  He also said he didn’t know anything about white supremacists.  I know how busy he is fighting with his own party, so I thought I would help him a bit.  He’s been criticized about not knowing a lot about many of the things that come up in the campaign, but even if the Republicans successfully take him down, he needs to know about David Duke, the KKK and white supremacists.

Being from Louisiana, I have a pretty good grasp of who David Duke is, so let’s begin with him.  The smart candidate is always aware of the source of her/his endorsements and contributions.  Duke notoriously stated that for a white person to vote for anyone other than Donald Trump “is really treason to your heritage.”  On its face, the tone of that comment is suspect and anyone would be wise to inquire about intent. Trump obviously didn’t.

Trump claimed no knowledge of David Duke or the KKK.  After assessing the pushback from waffling the question of condemnation, Trump blamed a faulty earpiece.  The question that should be asked is “How qualified is a candidate who is unaware of the most heinous domestic terrorist group in national history or the man who held the title of its Grand Wizard. Donald is as crazy as his comments if he believes he can persuade anyone that his refusal to condemn Duke or the KKK was based on anything more than pandering to white racist voters.

Trump supporters try to convince us that his “Ivory Tower” lifestyle prevents his exposure to the ugliness of racism, but his words and deeds nolvadex belie that argument.  They demonstrate a more than casual involvement with the philosophies of racial intolerance and bigotry.

An ex-wife asserts that Trump routinely kept a book of Hitler’s speeches on his night stand.  Despite his evil, Hitler was considered a world-class orator who led masses of people to evaluate others in generalities/stereotypes.  Is this the model for Trump’s characterization of Latinos, his treatment of women, his ridicule of the disabled, and his failure to disavow a purveyor of racial hatred or his affiliated group? That Hitler claim being true, Trump’s pathway to white supremacy was self-sought and self-taught.

In case he doesn’t know much about women and our struggle, he should know that March is Women’s History Month. We’re working hard to get the Equal Rights Amendment for Women passed.  Too many people don’t know that women are not included in our Constitution, so I would understand if Donald doesn’t know that.  I don’t want him to be caught off-guard as he was on the KKK, white supremacists and David Duke.

Even if he never resides in the White House, because he says he loves women and all people, he could assist in passage of the ERA.  A portion of his considerable fortune would go a long in supporting the restoration of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. It could help Latino and other families stay together by securing for them a path to citizenship. It could help others to understand that Black Lives Matter. It could provide greater knowledge of all the things President Barack Obama has done to make ours a better world, learn to respect people’s right to protest—even protest against him—and learn so much more that would be helpful to him should he decide to run for President when he grows up!

(Dr. E. Faye Williams is President of the National Congress of Black Women.