Wednesday 17 August 2022
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Speeding Deaths Have Grown With the Pandemic

A woman holding the steering wheel of a car with one hand while driving.

This pandemic has been a trying time like no other throughout our life. And with all the issues that society is concerned about, who knew that speeding deaths should be another issue of concern for us? Speeding deaths have grown significantly throughout this pandemic, and the following includes details about this situation:

The First and Second Quarters of 2020

During the first quarter of 2020, traffic deaths increased by .6%, and traffic deaths decreased by 1.1% during the second quarter, according to some reports. This quarter is when there was a coronavirus restricted lockdown movement. These reports further stated that from July through September 2020, fatalities increased by 13.1%.

Why are Drivers Speeding More During the Pandemic?

With all that’s going on, it is unfathomable to think that many individuals will add more fatal possibilities. With concerns about getting this virus that news reports say will become more dangerous, why add more possibility of fatalities? Check out the following shocking reports.

Introductory data states that fewer Americans drove during the national health emergency, but the ones who did drive took more risks and had more fatal crashes. This report came from the safety agency addressing it to the nation’s drivers.

The executive director of the Governors Highway Safety Association, Jonathan Adkins, said that they think that speeding is the culprit. He also said that this behavior continued while traffic volumes recovered. Pam Shadel Fischer of the Governors Highway Safety Association stated that summer, especially on Labor Day, is incredibly dangerous.

A transportation expert at DePaul University, Joseph Schwieterman, stated that various factors are involved with drivers’ speeding. He also stated that some drivers are encouraged due to the lack of enforcement, and others tend to follow along with the flow. Drivers also have a safer feeling when it comes to speeding due to a lot of faith in anti-lock brakes, airbags, and other safety features.

The Overall Result

As a result of these disturbing findings, the latest data eventually came through. It stated that the number of highway deaths in 2020 was more than it has been for over 10 years.

With the statistics, about 1.25 million people on average die in road crashes annually, one can only imagine how many people died during this pandemic. Other than that, the statistics also stated that an additional 20 to 50 million people sustain injuries or lifelong disabilities on an annual basis due to traffic collisions.

Thankfully, some states have taken strides to mitigate this problem. Here in New York, many local governments are running their own campaigns to try and lower the amount of speeding in their areas.

Possible Legal Ramification

Since all of these travesties occurred and the speeding has not subsided, legal authorities are implementing more stringent legal actions for traffic violations. A spokesperson for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Joseph Young, stated that highway safety officials and police must make all drivers take account of speed limits. Also, some police departments are implementing the launching of public awareness campaigns, as we mentioned before. Fischer of the Governors Highway Safety Association stated that the flashing blue lights are the best antidote for bad behavior and speeding.

Other than that, victims of car accidents should take serious legal actions with proper legal representation. Any legit lawyer will, at least, tell you the following:

A plaintiff must show three things to prove negligence:

(1) The defendant owes them a duty.

(2) That duty was violated by the defendants’ actions or inactions.

(3) The plaintiff has a legally recognizable injury derived from the defendant’s conduct.

Costlier Repairs

When it comes to these auto accidents during the pandemic, you must consider costly repairs. For example, a $5 trim piece can have a 5,000% premium at the retail counter. With legal fees and auto repairs, you should consider shopping around for more affordable prices, like some are online. There are stores on the Internet that have lower premiums than other auto stores.

Speeding deaths were at an all-time high since the pandemic and over a decade ago. And with all the fatalities, injuries, celebrex, auto repairs, and/or legal fees from auto accidents, it is critical to be mindful when you are on the road from now on.