Saturday 10 December 2022
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State Seeking Proposals to Redesign 1,025 Subway Cars, Including 750 With “Open End” Design

By Staff


cuomo mtaGov. Andrew Cuomo has announced that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has issued a Request for Proposals for 1,025 new and redesigned subway cars.

The RFP will set in motion the process to order and deliver the cars in the most cost-effective, and innovative way possible, Cuomo said.

And, as part of the RFP process, proposers will also be required to submit a U.S. Employment Plan outlining the number and description of U.S. jobs that would be created and/or retained, as well as access to available jobs in connection with certain requirements of the contract, according to the state.

“The proposer must describe in the USEP the quality and range of U.S. employment opportunities expected to be created and retained in connection with the production, delivery, acceptance, testing, and warranty coverage requirements of the contract,” the state said. “The proposer must also describe the direct dollar value, and the fringe benefit costs for those jobs, and the commitment the proposer will make to achieve that level of job creation/retention.”

In addition, “The proposer will also be required to submit a workforce impact analysis,” the governor’s office stated. “The analysis identifies the workforce skills needed to complete the contract, and the minimum requirements for each job/skill category, including the percentage of jobs by each job category, and the proposer’s plans to develop skills of new hires necessary to meet the basic job qualifications. The analysis will also identify the proposer’s plans to provide career pathways, connecting training completion, on-the-job performance, and advancement through the organizational structure, and the extent to which such skills would be transferrable to other manufacturing positions, after the end of production of the railcars.”

Last week, Gov. Cuomo unveiled designs of the new subway cars which include enhancements to the exteriors and interiors, wider doors, and the addition of up to 750 “Open Car End” designed-cars.

Cuomo said the new designs would reduce wait times, and increase capacity, and the investments are part of a $27 billion, five-year MTA Capital Program to renew and expand the MTA network.

“The MTA is the one of the busiest transportation networks in the country and we’re taking the next step toward rebuilding, and modernizing New York’s subway system,” Gov. Cuomo stated. “This action will increase capacity, reduce overcrowding, and enhance the customer experience while creating jobs and building for the future.”

In addition, “The MTA’s $27 billion, five-year capital program has the capacity to create tens of thousands of construction, manufacturing, engineering and other jobs,” MTA chairman and CEO Thomas Prendergast added. “We also recognize that applying the US Employment Plan to this new subway car RFP—supported by the capital program – is a great way to ensure that jobs are also retained by the these contractors, and that they are constantly focused on achieving these goals throughout the multiple years of the contract term.”

Visit to view the state’s RFP.