Saturday 26 November 2022
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States Across America Taking Part in Distracted Driving Initiatives

Distracted driving is a major problem all around the country. People constantly drive while using their cell phones, talking to other people in the car, and even just adjusting the radio to find the perfect song.

In 2015, distracted driving was responsible for the deaths of 3,477 people. That number is shocking and keeps going up each year. In order to combat distracted driving and to save lives, states around the country are taking part in their own distracted driving initiatives.

According to FOX Carolina, cellphones are always within reach in a person’s car and are one of the reasons why the state of South Carolina is one of the deadliest places to drive in the country. Representative Bill Taylor says 15 states already have hands-free driving laws in place and he hopes South Carolina is next in line. A bill has been proposed that would make a driver who is touching, using, calling, or texting on their phones pay $100.00 for their first offense. If they keep using their phones while driving after their first offense, they will be subject to a second offense and have to pay a fee of $300.00

Representative Taylor spoke with FOX Carolina about their already existing texting-while-driving bill but says it hasn’t really done much to combat the problem.

“We have a no texting bill now, it has a $25 fine, it’s obviously not doing much,” Rep. Taylor said. “Just look at people on the highway on the streets, and we can see everybody. I think a $100 fine is a pretty reasonable starting point.” South Carolina’s proposed bill will be moved to the House of Representatives soon.

Police in Boise, Idaho are also taking part in their own distracted driving initiatives. The Idaho Press says the Boise Police Department is part of the Distracted and Aggressive Driving Enforcement Campaign, which is part of a grant from the Office of Highway Safety. Officers plan to educate drivers about the dangers of distracted driving by handing out information during traffic stops. They will also be on the lookout for drivers using their phones, eating, and applying makeup.

Officers throughout the United States are constantly looking for people who may be the cause of a potential incident. To avoid being pulled over and ticketed, put your phones down and keep your eyes on the road.