Wednesday 30 November 2022
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Syracuse Airport To Get $45 Million Face Lift

Despite the fact that it underwent a $60 million renovation nearly four years ago, the Syracuse airport will undergo another renovation over the next two years, according to a recent announcement by Governor Cuomo.

Estimated to cost $45.1 million, the redesigned hub will include new flooring and furniture in the terminals, a new facade, an eco-friendly roof, a glass pedestrian bridge, and a regional aviation history museum. The current state of the airport does not send the message New York State wants to get across, says Cuomo.

“The drop-off canopy is a tad dark and unwelcoming. The main entrance doesn’t communicate to travelers that they’ve arrived to a growing and vibrant regional economy. Understatement of the century. We are going to transform and rebuild the airport,” Cuomo said in his State of the State address in Syracuse.

The bulk of the funds needed for the $45 million face lift will come from New York State, which will contribute $35.8 million to the redesign. Onondaga Country, the Syracuse Airport Authority, and the federal government will make up the rest.

But even minor updates to an airport can be costly. Something as simple as the traffic marking paint used on airport surfaces has an annual value of around $454 million, so the industry can be a lucrative one. It’s also going to be beneficial for the local economy. All told, the project will add 869 construction jobs to the Syracuse workforce.

With a project this expansive, they’ll need all the help they can get. Governor Cuomo stated that the terminal area will be completely redesigned to make it more spacious and luxurious. The new facade will provide more natural light within the passenger drop-off area, and the Onondaga Historical Association will design the new Regional Aviation History Museum within the airport to educate the public and pay tribute to significant local aviation events throughout history.

Not all of the updates are aesthetically driven, either. Several of them involve important preservation tactics and forward-thinking technologies. The new glass pedestrian bridge, for example, will allow mobile ticket-carrying travelers to skip the lines. Considering that 56% of people use their smartphones just to get flight status updates, this design feature may prove to be highly useful for convenience and traffic flow.

The airport’s new exterior will feature energy efficient windows and will include a rainwater collection system. The redesign also includes energy efficient lighting as well as an eco-friendly green roof. A roof covered with attractive vegetation will look more inviting, of course, but it can also help offset the effects of gas emissions. While having a cool metal roof on your home can reduce cooling costs by up to 20%, a green roof can provide both insulation and actually lower urban air temperatures in larger cities.

Clearly, these news plans for the Syracuse Airport show a willingness to embrace eco-friendly practices and our reliance upon technology while providing both new jobs and a more visually pleasing environment for travelers to enjoy. While the two-year timeline for the project’s completion seems ambitious, the final results may help to make Syracuse a final destination, rather than a layover location.

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