Syracuse Common Council Approves Small Cell Agreement with Verizon

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh called the Common Council’s approval of an agreement with Verizon Wireless “a vote for progress.”

On May 20, the Syracuse Common Council voted 5-3 to allow Verizon to install small wireless facilities on new poles and existing poles within the city’s right of way.

The agreement runs for 20 years, and Verizon will pay the city permit application fees and new and existing poles as well as a small wireless facility recurring fee.

The agreement positions Syracuse in the forefront of 5G service, which the license agreement said is important to attract business and meet the needs of residents and education, government, cultural and community organizations.

Today’s vote is for progress and will help drive Syracuse to success in the New Economy,” Walsh said. “Syracuse is increasingly being seen as a technology leader across the nation and the world, and that will create growth and opportunity for people across the City. The agreement also affords the City of Syracuse with additional oversight to protect the health and safety of residents, provisions that wouldn’t have been available without the Council’s action. It’s a great step forward for the City.”

The agreement was posted May 20 as part of the Common Council agenda.