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Syracuse Common Council Seeks Tax Relief for Homeowners Who Live in Flood Zones

By Staff


floodThe Syracuse Common Council has reportedly asked the state to provide relief from property taxes for residents who may live in flood zones.

Over 850 homeowners who didn’t previously have to purchase flood insurance may now need to, due to the Federal Emergency Management Administration’s (FEMA’s) new, updated floodplain maps, according to reports.

According to an article on www.localsyr.com, councilors have asked the state to give discounts to residents who may not be able to afford the flood insurance, matching the rates currently offered to seniors in the area.

“We want to keep these properties that are homeowners, we want to keep them on the tax rolls,” Councilor Steve Thompson stated. “And, we want to make sure they keep their value because we don’t want people to move out, and nobody to move back into them.”

Councilors have also reportedly asked FEMA to review the maps to be sure all the homes who have been labeled as needing the added insurance are legitimately placed on the maps.

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