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Update: Syracuse Common Council Passes Bill to Prevent Housing Discrimination

By Staff



(Update, Nov. 7) – The Syracuse Common Council has voted 7 to 2 to approve a bill that will prevent landlords from discriminating against tenants who receive government subsidies to pay their rent.  

Common Councilors Chad Ryan and Joe Carni were the two “no” votes for the bill. 

Following the bill’s passage, landlords may no longer refuse to rent to residents based on their source of income, such as Section 8 housing assistance. 

In addition, Mayor Stephanie Miner has also issued the following statement regarding the new legislation:

“I congratulate the advocates for fair housing for their unflappable advocacy on this important issue. I am pleased the Common Council has passed this ordinance, which will ensure the residents of a city afflicted with poverty can more easily access affordable housing. I look forward to signing this as soon as it is delivered to my desk.”

(From Oct. 19) – The Syracuse Common Council will reportedly vote on a bill that would prevent landlords from discriminating against tenants who receive government subsides to pay their rent on Monday.

Councilor-at-Large Jean Kessner initially proposed the legislation in April; however, Councilors received negative feedback from landlords, which prompted the city council to hold the legislation for review until now.

Earlier this year, landlords cited higher eviction fees and increased administrative costs for tenants receiving Section 8 as reasons for protesting the legislation.

Councilors also faced similar opposition from landlords in September, during a vote on similar housing legislation which failed to pass in a 5-4 vote.

However, according to Kessner, councilors are currently prepared to hold a vote on the new proposal.

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