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Syracuse Common Council Votes to Continue Litigation Against City Over Computer Use Policy


By Staff


Vision local syracuse common councilSyracuse’s Common Council voted 5-4, Sept. 28, to go forward with a lawsuit forcing Mayor Stephanie Miner to restore computer access to the city clerk and council members who refused to sign the city’s new computer use policy by July 1.

A judge had previously denied a request from several councilors, and city clerk John Copanas, for an injunction against the mayor, which would have required the city to restore the councilors’ blocked computer and email access.

However, according to reports, councilors said they may not follow through with the lawsuit if Miner agrees to a compromise.

In addition, the council is also reportedly looking into purchasing its own servers, in an effort to bypass the city’s computer system.

The mayor’s chief of staff, Bill Ryan, previously met with cymbalta Councilor-At-Large Kathleen Joy, in order to discuss changes to the computer policy, and they had agreed to an addendum which would change the language in the policy to state elected officials cannot be terminated by the administration, and that council members would be able to contract with an outside service provider to offer cloud email storage and network services.

However, reportedly, the one barrier the council and Miner’s administration could not get past was whether the city clerk, or council staff, could be fired by the administration, Joy stated.

Councilors Jean Kessner, Jake Barrett, Chad Ryan, Nader Maroun, and Joy, voted in favor of going forward with the lawsuit.

So far, both sides have reportedly paid $13,000 in attorneys’ fees in an effort to settle the matter.