Thursday 1 December 2022
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Syracuse’s Common Council, Divided, Appoints Joe Nicolletti to Fill Vacant Seat

By Staff


Vision local syracuse common councilSyracuse’s Common Council has reportedly voted 5-3 to appoint former Common Councilor Joe Nicoletti to fill a vacant seat left by former councilor Pam Hunter.

Reportedly, the vote has drawn a dividing line between council members, separating those who frequently speak in support of Mayor Stephanie Miner, and those who have had a less-friendly relationship with the mayor.

Nicoletti, 68, had been a Councilor from 1978 to 1991, and has run for mayor four times following his departure from the council, losing a primary against Miner in 2009.

Councilors Helen Hudson, Khalid Bey, and Bob Dougherty, who tend to stand with Miner on city issues, voted “no” to Nicoletti’s appointment.

But, Councilors Kathleen Joy and Jean buy tamoxifen Kessner, who are often on opposing sides of debates with the mayor, voted in support of Nicoletti’s appointment, along with Councilors Chad Ryan, Jake Barrett and Nader Maroun.

Doughtery reportedly said Nicoletti’s supporters rushed the vote.

“I walk in here today, 10 minutes before the meeting, and I find out we’re going to have a vote today on this,” Dougherty stated. “I just think basically it’s disrespectful to do that to certain members of the council.”

Nicoletti was absent during the vote, but has reportedly said he hopes to work in cooperation with the council, despite all the in-fighting.