Saturday 10 December 2022
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The Syracuse Police Department is Alerting Citizens and Retail Stores in the Onondaga County Area of the Increased Use of Counterfeit Currency in Purchasing Merchandise

100billThe Syracuse Police Department would like to alert private citizens and retail stores in the Onondaga County area of the increased passing of counterfeit US currency.

Numerous incidents have been reported in which subjects have used counterfeit $100 and $20 bills when purchasing items at retail stores throughout the county.

Several food delivery businesses have buy online valium also reported being the victims of being paid with counterfeit monies. Delivery drivers should be wary of persons meeting them outside of the given delivery address and paying with $100 bills in particular.

Incidents have also been reported that during Craigslist transactions buyers have given sellers counterfeit monies.

Sellers should be cautious when conducting Craigslist transactions. Persons should make themselves aware of the methods used to detect counterfeit monies both using visual observations and mechanical means such as counterfeit detection pens which are very cheap to buy and available to the public by a number of retail businesses.

Below is a link with good information:

Anyone who receives counterfeit currency should contact their local authorities to report the incident.